Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baseball opening Day

Yesterday was the season opener. The speaker that they had was awesome. I was so impressed by him. I think it was a great way to start the season.

This is the parade of athletes.

Alex and Hunter with Bumble from the Bees.

First preseason game. Unfortunately his team lost. We only have 2 kids from last years team, everyone else moved up so it is a really young team that is just learning. Hopefully they will catch on quick.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Choir Concert

I am going to miss the choir concerts. I really don't see either of my boys being into choir. With Alex doing band next year this is the end of the choir concerts. :( It was so fun to hear all of the cute songs the kids have been working on. Alex smiled the whole time. I don't know how she was able to sing she was smiling so hard most of the time.

Some of the other cute girls in our ward that are in Choir with Alex:

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today we took the kids bowling. It was Braydon's activity for his birthday. So we took Grandma and Grandpa Woffinden with us. We all had a great time.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Field Trip Friday How To

I have had several people ask how we find all the things we do for field trip Friday. Here is a basic guide to how we do it.

1- We have a Utah Road and Recreation Atlas. We decide where we want to go then we will look around that area to see what is on our map.

2- You can also get brochures about several places at gas stations. These are usually free. Last week we picked up a couple that had things to do in Sevier and Millard County's.

3-Several years ago my brother bought him a National Parks Passport. Since then we have all gotten one. Inside the passport it gives the names of all the National Parks in the United States. What is fun is that each Park has a stamp that you record in your book that usually has the date on. It is fun to go back through and see where you have been. (The new Utah State Parks field guide that is shown in #2 says that it has a section set aside for the stamps this year.)

4- Another way to learn about fun places is from people. When Eric and I went to Cedar Breaks 3 years ago we stopped to talk to the Ranger that was working there. He told us about the Fremont Indian Park he told us it was on our way home and then explained how to get there. His directions left us a little confused so we stopped in Parowan at the little visitor building to ask some directions. It turned out that they thought we were talking about the Parowan Gap that is about 10 miles outside of their town. So just randomly we ended up finding a cool place just by luck.

5- We also use the kids Scout Books and the girls Personal Progress books to help us decide on a location. We have tried to do things that go along with what they are working on or learning about at the time.

6- Don't forget the internet. There are several websites that can help you find things to do. One good site to look at is Utah Outdoor Activities.

You have to leave your time open. We have left for a simple day trip that we thought would only be a couple of hours to having it take the whole day, just because we have stopped at everything we could find along the way. These trips sometimes turn out to be the most fun.

Some of the trips we are planning for this summer include-
Antelope Island-
Lehman Caves- located just over the boarder into Nevada. It also isn't a big hike like Timp Cave.

Timpanogos Cave-
Topaz Mountain and Fossil Mountain in Millard County.

Red rock Pass- This is where Lake Bonneville drained from. It is located in Northern Idaho. (This is not a day trip.)

Good luck, I hope this helps you find what your looking for in the way of a summer adventure.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Braydon's 10th Birthday

Wow, I can't believe how time flies. I can't believe I have 3 kids who are in double digits. Braydon was born on April 14th 2000. He was 3 1/2 weeks early. He was so tiny. When he was 3 months old we found a lump on the side of his jaw. We had to go through a lot of prayer and surgery to find out what was going on. He is defiantly my miracle baby.
Now he is 10 and full of life and everything a 10 year old boy should be full of. He still is a light in my life. I am so blessed to be his mom.

Friday, April 9, 2010

What do the beach, volcanos and Indians have in common??

Our first Field Trip Friday of the year. Today we traveled down to the Fremont Indian State Park, then headed back up to the west of Fillmore to Tabernacle Hill.

It was so much fun hiking around the Fremont Indian tails. We were able to see hundreds of petroglyphs. It was so fun to see so many. It was also nice to have a chance to get out in the sun and hike a little.

After we went to the state park we headed back up toward Fillmore to Tabernacle Hill. We were able to hike through fields of lava flows and we found a couple of lava tubes to hike through. The boys loved going through the caves.

Right next to Tabernacle Hill is White Mountain. It is made completely of sand. It is at the north end of mud lake, which is dry so it is just sand. It was like playing on the beach.

I am so excited to start planning our field trips for this summer.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coloring Eggs

The kids love to color eggs. They turned out super cute this year.