Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Steel Days- A family tradition

Every Steel days it has become tradition to go to the band breakfast, watch the parade and then do an activity spending the day together. This year was the same. For our activity we went up AF canyon. We visited Cascade Springs and then we went to a great picnic place just above Aspen Grove. We were able to stay there for a few hours and let the kids play. We had a great hill for them to climb and then we were not to far from the Amphitheater where the kids introduced us to their band "The Paper Airplanes." The kids were so dirty the bath tub had to be scrubbed afterward. It was a great day. The attached video is of "The Paper Airplanes."

Pine Wood Derby

(The side of Braydon's car says Vikings)
This was Braydon's first pinewood Derby. I loved watching him and his dad work together and put together a great car. It was a fun night. The boys were great. All the cars were great. Being able to let them create something on their own is priceless. Good job guys!! We have the best pack.

Church History Museum

This week we went to the church history museum and temple square. With the 24th of July on Friday we decided to go on the 17th. It had been a long time since Eric and I had been to the museum. It was so fun. I love how they give you papers with things to look for. It helps the kids to be more connected to the things they are looking at. The part the kids liked best though was the up stair part where they have parts of history with the prophets. The kids loved seeing President Hinckley cane. They also liked seeing how the tabernacle was made. At temple square they commented about how it wasn't very busy and we were able to sit in Heaven. This was the favorite there. Trax is always a big hit too.

Shooting Stars, fire, swimming, & camping out

On July 15th we had a camp out at grandma's. We started the day off with swimming in her little pool and sun tanning. Unfortunately grandma got pretty burned, it's probably been 2 summers since she has been in the sun that long. After we started up the fire pit to roast our hot dogs. YUM! Nothing better than a fire roasted dog. As the night wore on we made smores and told ghost stories around the camp fire. By 11:30 the kids and grandma were pretty wore out. It was time to put out the fire and watch for shooting stars. Laying in the back yard was so fun. We were able to see a dozen shooting stars or so and the evening air was nice. What a fun memory the kids will have.
Can you see the lumps where the bodies are??

BYU Museum of Art

I loved the Walter Wicks display at the BYU Museum of Art. I also enjoyed the other exhibits that are there. It was a fun time. Then we got ice cream at the creamery.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Favorite

The fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love the feelings of Patriotism and all the activity's that go along with it. Parades, Balloon Fest, fireworks, picnics, family. This year was a long day but oh it was so worth it. Even the money for Stadium of Fire. It was so much fun watching my girls enjoy the Jonas Brothers.