Tuesday, January 20, 2009

4 Squared

This is the first tag I have had so here goes. Look in your 4th picture folder and take the 4th picture in to blog about.

This was in my Hunter folder. This is the ballon festival this past summer. It has been a tradition of my family for many years. Now my kids look forward to it. We love being there in time to touch the balloons as they are being blow up. 2 years ago one of the teams didn't show up to help with one of the balloons. My brother and brother in law helped the guy out so he took Jason up as payment. They never made it back to the field to compete in the competition but it was one of the coolest things. It pays to be kind. Dillion got to go help chase them down and take the balloon apart. Maybe one day he will get to go up too.

I now tag:

1- Kristie
2-Erin (maybe this will give you something to blog about)

Have fun. I was glad it had everything in folders already, because I would have spent way too much time look at pictures.