Monday, November 10, 2008

The things I am thankful for this holiday:

1. Eric Woffinden

I am so thankful for a loving husband. I am so thankful to be a mom. I feel so lucky that he works so hard so that I can stay home with our kids. I am thankful that he is patient, especially when we have a house full of everyone else's kids. I am thankful that he helps me to be a better person. I am thankful that he honors his priesthood and that he will give us strength through that priesthood when we need it. I am thankful that Eric supports me in the things I do.

2. Being a mom
3. Sidney

I finally have school pictures for everyone. :) I think they all turned out pretty cute too.

Sidney didn't get her picture done until last period. She also had PE that day. I think she did a pretty good job freshening up.

I cant' believe how old she is starting to look.
Sidney loves school and is a great student. She loves playing her trumpet and is really pretty good at it. She has enjoyed volleyball this season and thinks this might be her game. I am so glad she is willing to try new things.

I am thankful that she is growing up to be a great person. She is concerned for others and try's to do the right thing.

4. Alex
Alex is growing up too. She is such a special girl. She is very talented when it comes to knowing other peoples feelings. She is so compassionate. She also has a talent for making friends. Alex loves to help in the kitchen and she is getting pretty good at cooking.

Alex has a love of fairies. She loves little things and is always draw to the magical side of things.

She also has a love for learning. She has a memory like no other.

5. Braydon
This is the picture that surprised me the most. Braydon is growing up. When I looked at last years picture compared to this years I almost started to cry. All of the little kid features are gone.

Braydon is so excited about life. He works hard and doesn't like to disappoint. I feel so lucky to have a young man like this in my life. He loves so deep and strong. He has a talent for building and creating. He loves the outdoors and sports. He is a fun kid to have around.

6. Hunter

What a cute little kindergartner.

A couple of weeks ago Hunter's teacher called me about a primary lesson. She wanted 6 talents that Hunter has. I thought it was a pretty hard task to put into words.

Hunter loves music and always has. He can pick out a beat with the best of them. He also is very artistic He loves the Titanic, Indiana Jones, and Legos. He loves to build and play. He can be so sweet.

I am so thankful to have each of these beautiful kids in my life. It would not be the same without any of them.

7. I am Thankful for my heritage. My mom and dad did a great job raising a their family. I am so thankful for the things they taught me and for the things my mom teaches me now.

8. I am thankful for food on the table and a house to live in. With life the way it is now I am very thankful to have these things.

9. I am thankful to know I am a child of God. This is actually this months theme in primary. I had never thought about being thankful to know such a thing until I really got studying about it. I truly am thankful to know this and I hope that my children also know this to their very cores.

10. I am thankful to live near the wonderful people here in this area. I have grown so much from the examples of the great people that live here. I feel thankful to be able to work with them at school and at church. Thank you for all of your sweet spirits.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween was a blast at our house this year. I spent almost the whole day at the school going from parade to class party to class party. It was a lot of fun. It was nice and warm for a change too. Alex liked being a 50's girl. I think a lot of the other mom's her age had the same idea I did of making my girls use the skirts from the spring concert, because there were 5 50's girls in Alex's class. She was still pretty dang cute.

Braydon loved his Astronaut outfit. Since we only really had to buy his we let him get what he wanted. It is a pretty cool suit.
Hunter of course was Indiana Jones. He has been playing Indy since April when the new Indy movie came out. We did have to get him a new jacket because he had out grown his other one but he sure looks cute doesn't he.
Here is Sidney getting ready for her Halloween party. It turned out to be so much fun. I was pretty luck that only 3/4's of the kids showed up. I think they all had a pretty good time, I know Sidney did. She is already planning her next Bash.Party goers!!