Friday, January 8, 2010

A New and Addicting Hobby

I have watched my mom quilt over the years. I thought wow I can't wait to get one of those quilts they are so beautiful. Then when I married Eric I got a cute little grandma that is a fabulous quilter. I love the quilts that she has given to us. This September my sister in law said that she wanted to learn to quilt and wanted my sister, my mom and myself to do it with her. OK!! I finally have the inspiration or push that I needed so, I pieced together my first two quilt tops. One is for Alex and the other is Sidney's. I think they turned out pretty good for a first try, but now I am addicted. I bought fabric for a cute patriot quilt and can't wait to get started. Also over the past couple of weeks I made a few blankets for Christmas gifts a total of 7 all together.

Grandpa's- Air Force Fabric
Braydon's-- Baseball Fabric
Hunter's-- Air Plane Fabric
Whitney's- I love the star fabric.

This little Christmas Tree is to hold Christmas Cards. I made one for myself and the other for my sister.

Thanks for all the inspiration. There are so many of the sisters in our ward that make beautiful quilts. I hope I can grow up and be just like them.