Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break

St. George was great this last week. We were able to get away for Braydon's birthday and spring break. We had a great time going rock hunting by the power plant and at Crystal mountain. We also went to Mountain Meadow Massacre, and to the Jacob Hamlin home. We drove through Snow Canyon and went hiking. The kids went frog hunting with my sister and brother in law. We also went to Johnson's farm and saw the dinosaur tracks. It was a busy and lazy couple of days with playing card and having fun thrown in. Now for the many many pictures.

Sandwich rock

Mountain Meadow Massacre

Snow Canyon


Crystal Mountain. You can't tell but when we pulled up the whole mountain glittered like broken glass was every where.

Johnson's Farm

Braydon's Birthday

Wow, this year has gone so fast. Braydon just turned 11. He lives his life by NCIS so what better way to celebrate his birthday than with a NCIS hat cake.

Braydon loved it. Also his favorite present was his Danozo shirt.

11 thing I love about Braydon
1- He is sweet - He always wants me to be happy.
2- He can't lie- He has a smile that he uses when he lies. I can tell everytime.
3- He loves baseball
4- He is a great big brother/ little brother- looking out for everyone.
5- He works hard in school
6- He is an amazing artist, especially 3d.
7- He loves the stars.
8- He loves to be outside.
9- He likes to ride bikes.
10- He is very compassionate
11- HE IS A GREAT KID! I am one lucky mom.