Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Primary Activity

I think this was one of the more creative Primary activities I have been involved with. We had an egg drop. I have never had to do one before so last night for family home evening our activity was making the protection for our eggs.At the activity we likened the protection around the egg as the protection that is needed for our families. We talked about how family prayer and scriptures help to make our protection strong. We also talked about how our homes provide protection for us. After that we made journals that had questions about our families. It was a fun activity. One of the best parts-- It only lasted an hour and then was almost no prep to it. It was great. I can't post all of the pictures because we took them of each one of the kids as they drop their egg but here are a few. It was amazing that we only had 4 eggs break. The kids did a great job.


This week we studied about sports. The rules, and different games. We went to the Owls game for our activity. I don't know what is wrong with us but I think we may be cursed. It rain on us at the game. I think everything we have done lately it has rained.

Any way it was fun. The owls lost but hopefully the next time we will win.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Strawberry Days and Rock Hunting

Last week was a busy week. I am so glad there wasn't any baseball on top of everything else.

Wednesday we had library day and then we went to our wards picnic in the park, later that afternoon was the Strawberry days children 's parade and then we went to the rodeo. That is just one day. For the children's parade the rain waited until right when it started. It was still a nice parade though. I love the new route. After we went to the rodeo. It was Braydon, Alex and Hunters first. They really enjoyed it even with the pouring rain. It actually was one of the better rodeo I had been too. Almost everyone scored which doesn't happen very often.
(Uncle Alex, Aunt Whitney, Grandma, Aunt Erin, Hunter, Sidney, Shelby, Alex)
(Aunt Erin, Uncle Mike, Brent, and Braydon)
(Me and Hunter after the rain storm)
Thursday I had a bunch of errands that had to be run in the afternoon then we had pack meeting that night. We had a lot of fun playing kickball. It was great that we had so many willing adults. That is what the kids will remember.

Friday we got up early and went to the Strawberry Days Huck Finn Day for the kids. It was a cute little event. The younger kids had fun playing the games. Sidney was pretty bored but I think that is her age starting to show. When we returned home was packed up our lunch and headed out to go rock hunting. What a great trip that turned into. We went up a canyon on Lake Mt. we were able to find a bunch of root beer onyx. Alex is going to tumble some of it and see how it looks. Then we went for a ride around Utah lake.

Saturday was the Parade which we got rained on but it still was fun. Breakfast was great, the Bayles's are wonderful for letting all of us come and eat and watch the parade at their house. It is always fun. After the parade we took advantage of the DUP museum being open. I love letting the kids learn about the history that is behind what we are so blessed to have now.
Braydon helping Jenny cook breakfast
At the DUP Museum

Sunday was Fathers Day. I am so grateful to have such a loving husband to be the father of my kids. I am so blessed that he is such a good dad and my best friend. I don't know what I would do with out him.

Monday we went to the Oquirrh Mt. Temple open house. It was beautiful. I love the spirit that is there within the walls. I love how good the kids are and that they are feeling the spirit and can recognize the importance of the temple at such young ages.
Our family

Wow this has been a long week. That is probably why I didn't do anything today except Braydon's baseball game and guitar lesson. At least that's what I tell my self. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Field Trip Friday

This past week was spent reading books about the Civil War. It was a fun little thing to study. We read about Abraham Lincoln and several little books on the Civil War. On Friday we visited Utah's link to the Civil War. We ventured out to Camp Floyd in Cedar Fort. We were able to tour the Inn and the old commissary. We watched a little video and went to the cemetery.
Alex with the bullet hole in the Inn.

Braydon at the museum

The kids in front of the INN

The kids with a Pony Express Marker

On our way home we decided to go to the Hutchings Museum in Lehi. It is a fun little museum that has a wide variety of things to see. Bugs, rocks, birds, shells, pioneer artifacts, Indian artifacts etc.Hunter and Braydon in Jail
Alex checking out the rocks

It was a fun day, until on the way home the kids were thirsty so we thought we would stop at grandmas for a drink but no one was home. So we headed on our way. While we were stopped at the stop light on Center Street in AF we saw Eric's sister waving at us on the corner so we stopped to see what was going on. Well Eric's mom was rear ended and then the driver took off so they chased them down while calling the cops. They were finally able to get them to stop and they pretended not to speak English. Finally when the cop showed up they were up set and they were able to speak a lot of broken English. So while we were sitting there with them this lady comes up to the cop to tell him about a van that just got hit and the drive drove off. What is bad is that it was MY VAN. Luckily it doesn't have much damage mainly paint transfer and scratches, but still. What has happened to the integrity of the people in the world??? We have been talking about having integrity and being honest with our kids for weeks now. We are reading in the Book of Mormon where it only takes your word to prove that you will do something. What happened??? Oh Well I just feel bad that people can't be honest. This is the second time in a year and a half we have been hit and had the person drive off. (I chased down the first one with my heart pounding a hundred miles an hour) I just hope I can raise honest kids and that I can be honest in my own dealings.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Week of Summer

This has started off to be a pretty good summer. Monday the kids set their goals for the week and drew their chores. Tuesday we went to the library to get books that would help us learn about our subject for the week. The subject that was chosen was birds. We learned about killer birds an hummingbirds and tropical birds with all sorts of little ones in between. What a fun week we had reading and watching the birds out side.
Since everyone was able to accomplish their goals this week we went hiking up Battle Creek canyon. We have never been up to the water fall so we packed a lunch and off we went.
The water fall was my favorite part of our trip. We enjoyed the time we were able to spend together looking for leaves and rocks and birds. We even found a fossil of a leaf. :)
It was a very fun afternoon. I can't wait until Monday when we pick our next subject and activity.We just may have to do this little hike with our cousins from Texas when they get here in July.

The kids favorite summer time activity: "SWIMMING"

So we got our pool pass and now the kids think they need to live at the pool. Here are some fun shots of them playing. I am so glad that it doesn't take too long to have the pool pass paid for by times we go to the pool.